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The next in The Trinity Sessions, the concert will be a special evening sharing the musical journey of a legendary South Australian singer songwriter ("I was Only 19") who has won two Golden Guitars, Pater and Mo Awards, two APRA awards and gold and platinum records but rarely performs in concert Be a part of this unique experience at one of Adelaide's best and most intimate concert venues..

Event Details
Date: 24 Aug, 2003 6:00 PM
Location: Church of The Trinity
Addres: 318 Goodwood Road, Clarence Park SA 5034

Session Details

Doors open 5:15
Cost: Adult $14 Con $12 Child $6

Bookings on 8271 0329 (Effective Living Centre)
At door $16/$14/$6 (if not sold out)

For More Information
Roger Freeman
Ph 8297 4037

Sony Music Australia proudly announce the release of
"Portrait: The Very Best Of John Schumann."

John Schumann: Australian icon & legendary songwriter. If his name isn't instantly recognisable then his voice will be - as lead singer of Redgum until 1986, and thereafter as a solo artist, John has produced some magnificent songs - songs that celebrate the lives of ordinary working Australian men and women and which point to a true, lasting identifiable Australian culture.

In lots of ways, John Schumann was one of the very first to break down the lyric and accent barrier in the minds of Australians - that very barrier that made us a little uncomfortable when we heard the Australian accent and Australian place names in song. Since then, a lot of successful Australians artists have followed suit and the generous ones among them have always acknowledged John Schumann's groundbreaking work.

Few songwriters have changed the way a nation thinks. John Schumann's song "I Was Only 19" helped precipitate a Royal Commission and kick-started a series of events which culminated in the Vietnam Veterans Welcome Home March in Sydney, 1987. Especially topical is the track "If The War Goes On" was inspired by the Gulf war, which in this current climate takes on a poignant relevance.

Signed to Sony Music Australia since 1979, John Schumann is a well decorated artist in that there are few Australian Music Awards he hasn't won - 2 Golden Guitar Awards, a Pater award, a Mo Award, 2 APRA awards and a number of gold and platinum records. His industry achievements, in fact, go a long way beyond his own projects. A registered motivational speaker with IMG, John spreads his message not only with his music but also through corporate and private speaking for groups as diverse as local charities through to AFL clubs.

It was for the AFL that John wrote and recorded a spine-tingling new anthem called "One True Game." As one Australian icon singing about another, this song displayed his uncanny ability for emotive song writing and is included in this wonderful collection alongside classics such as "Borrowed Ground" and "Eyes On Fire."

"Portrait - The Very Best Of" combines tracks from John's solo albums "True Believers' & "Etched In Blue" and Redgum's biggest hit "I was only 19" with news songs. Each track includes a liner note from John explaining his inspiration. The portrait on the cover was painted by his friend Sue Flanagan, who entered into the Archibald Prize competition in 2002. There is no doubt it captures the honesty and determination of one of the most perceptive, intelligent and unpretentious songwriters in this country has produced in the last decade.

As Professor Brian Matthews once wrote:

"…when so much that is genuinely Australian is threatened by cultural imperialism and the blandness of unexamined globalism. In such an atmosphere we must guard our national treasures and John Schumann is one of them".



John Schumann, former lead singer and songwriter for the legendary Australian folk-rock band Redgum, has written and recorded a spine-tingling new anthem for Australian Rules Football called 'One True Game".

As the songwriter responsible for the Vietnam anthem, "I was only 19", the witty and penetrating "I've been to Bali too" and a host of other memorable Australian classics, John Schumann's capacity for emotive song writing is well known.

"One True Game" is the first footy song in a long time, perhaps since "Up There, Cazaly" and "One Day in September", that authentically captures the excitement and essence of our country's one true game, Australian Rules Football. The people who have heard it already have made those comparisons, saying that a new national footy anthem is well overdue. A lot of them believe that "One True Game" is it.

John Schumann has been a footy fan for years and his love of the game and his understanding of it shine through in the lyric and melody.

Typically, Schumann has taken footy and turned into a metaphor for life:

'Life's a game a footy and it never goes to plan,
You can run into the empty space, you try to throw your tag…"

"When you go to the footy and you look around and you watch and listen to the crowd, you know that it's the Australian people who really own this game," says John.

"There will always be the administrators, the marketers and the celebrities but, when it all boils down, the game belongs to ordinary Australians - the people in the outer who scream for their team, the people whose whole week starts on a real high if their team wins.

"Australian Rules is part of our history, our culture. It is a real reflection of us as a nation. No other country on earth could have given birth to a game that is as rugged and honest and cuts through social and economic boundaries like Aussie Rules does," John says.

"One True Game" is an official AFL song and has been released by Sony, the label with which John Schumann has been associated since his early days in Redgum.