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Schumann & Associates cultural heritage and historical services include:

  • Design & Development of Interpretive Signage (Cultural Tourism)
  • Museum Consultancies - Strategic & Marketing Plans
  • Museum Disaster Plans
  • Museum Assessment & Asset Reviews
  • Museum Collection Policies
  • Curation Services
  • Concept Design & Development - Historical Exhibitions,
  • Displays & Outdoor Installations
  • Cultural Heritage Public Programs for Local Government Agencies
  • Public Programs & Events
  • Corporate & Oral Histories
  • Site Histories
  • Publicity Brochures and Flyers
  • Professional Speaking for conferences, seminars and staff in-servicing

Denise Schumann is the Director responsible for Schumann & Associates' Cultural Heritage activities. She has a proven, twenty year, track record in designing, developing and managing heritage and arts projects. Recognized in South Australia and nationally her professionalism, experience and creativity, Denise has been commissioned by Federal, State and Local Government agencies as well as corporate and private clients.

Denise enjoys a well deserved reputation as a consultant committed to high standards and realistic outcomes.

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"History is a vast early warning system"
Norman Cousins

"The farther back you look, the farther forward you are likely to see."
Winston Churchill